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Why choose The Boulos Law Firm

One of the objectives which I wish to accomplish with this site is to provide an accurate and informative overview of Maine’s Criminal Code and Maine’s Motor Vehicle Code as it applies to the offense of Operating Under the Influence (OUI). The knowledge you gain from that which has been provided will hopefully enable you to make informed decisions and to diminish the effects of what otherwise can be a devastating experience.

Another objective is to emphasize my personal belief that those who are charged with any criminal violation are better represented by those who exclusively practice criminal law. As noted in our Firm Profile, I am unaware of any firm in the State which can make that representation.

My final objective in establishing this site is to stress that your final choice regarding legal representation should be based on objective factors – not self-proclamations that a particular lawyer is “Maine’s OUI Specialist” or that another is “widely regarded as Maine’s best attorney in the field of drunk driving defense”.

I hope this site assists you in deciding which attorney you feel is best for you. The most important decision you will make in defending yourself is who you decide to hire to represent you! Make sure that he or she has the financial resources; experience; knowledge; and personnel to prove that your arrest should not result in a conviction!

I look forward to helping you resolve your legal matter.

Jim Boulos

James G. Boulos